What Is Denison Algebra?

We are a curriculum company built for homeschool families to provide quality, digital instruction in middle and high school math, particularly algebra. As homeschoolers ourselves, we understand the issues - from ill-fitting curriculum options to the onset of shaky confidence - that often come up when students hit higher level math. So, we set out to address the problem with clear, easy-to-understand courses designed for confidence-building retention and brain-friendly mastery.

Denison Algebra can help you say goodbye to the weeping and wailing, "I hate algebra," "I can't do this," math sessions. Trust us... life is way better without them. 

About Our Courses

Denison Algebra courses are designed with the brain in mind. Every lesson has an instructional video (approximately 15-20 minutes) taught clearly and concisely by a master teacher. The notes seen on screen during the video are the exact notes the student has in his or her hands from the textbook. Course benefits include: 


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About the Instructor

David Denison is a veteran secondary math teacher with over 20 years of experience (11 years in a public high school classroom and 10 years in the homeschool world). He has worked his math magic in a wide variety of settings including  private school, homeschool co-ops, private tutoring, and his dining room table (homeschooling his own children). 

David holds a Bachelors of Science degree in math education from Lee University and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Tennessee. This background, as well as the adventure of homeschooling 5 daughters, inspired him to create these courses.

The Denison family resides in East Tennessee where they spend as much time as possible working algebra problems. Ok, fine, maybe not, but most of them do actually like algebra.

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