Pre-Algebra Placement Test

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a test to see if a student is ready for pre-algebra!

The following is a comprehensive overview for the pre-algebra course to help you determine if your student has sufficient pre-algebra skills to move on to algebra 1, or if they would benefit from taking our pre-algebra course first. In essence, it is a summary of what will be learned IN the course. It is NOT a prerequisite test for taking pre-algebra.

The only prerequisite for beginning Denison Pre-Algebra is the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide one-digit numbers. All other topics are reviewed and retaught in the course. Students do not need to be fluent in fractions or decimals. Those are even retaught in the course (in a sensible way that they will see and use going forward in high school math).

          This exam can be used in one of two ways. You can just look it over to get a feel for the topics learned and the depth level of each topic, and make a decision based on that. Or, you can have your student take the exam to see how much of the course your student already knows. If you choose to have your student take the exam in its entirety, it is recommended that you break it up over several days. It is a comprehensive overview of the entire course and is therefore a long exam. 

          The test is broken up into sections according to the chapters of the book. If a student can score 80% or better on a section, then the student does not necessarily need that chapter in the book. This of course is just a rough guide, and you can use your own judgment as the parent as to whether you think a student has mastery of a certain chapter or topic, regardless of how they score on the exam.

          Placement guides and tests are not perfect. They are just here to be used as a tool. You know your student best, so above all use your common sense and intuition to guide you on what you think is best for your student, and whether you feel your student needs this pre-algebra course.


Pre-Algebra Placement Test
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