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Parent of 9th Grader
 "Just wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible math program. My daughter, who has dyslexia and auditory processing disorder, is 4 weeks into the Algebra Success course. She is doing amazing and for the first time ever, she is LOVING math! She told me yesterday that this math curriculum is the first math she's used to where she hasn't felt like a failure. Thank you so much for understanding how to meet kids with learning differences where they are and lay things out so clearly!"


Parent of 8th Grader

"Thanks again for all you do. My son not only believes he is good at math now, but it’s his favorite subject."


Success Algebra 1

"My son who is 15, has struggled through math for years due to autism & ADHD. Years of him being frustrated and shutting down the minute we encountered variables and two-step problems. With Denison, he has been able to open his lessons and complete them without any help from me. It truly is amazing and we will be using Denison for Geometry and Algebra 2 to get him through high school."


Parent of 10th Grader

"This may sound cliché and corny, but Denison Success Algebra has not just changed math for us, it has been life changing. This one program has changed our entire school day... My dyslexic and dysgraphic son went from being what some would call a struggling learner, to a responsible, independent, and successful student."


Parent of 9th Grader

"Because of Denison Algebra, our daughter says she LOVES the subject and is doing extremely well in it. She looks forward to the next chapter every school day." 


Parent of 9th Grader

"My son tonight said, 'This math makes my brain happy.' That's an amazing compliment as for years he's despised math and he didn't see the importance."


Parent of 7th Grader & 10th Grader

"Having tried other math curricula, both of my girls had become sincere math haters. As their homeschool guide/teacher it has been frustrating to see their struggle and frustration with it. But since starting your courses they have both said that they actually like and enjoy math, which is a HUGE change. I am just so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


Parent of 9th Grader

"I’d love to tell you that my 15 year old daughter with dyslexia/APD has done incredible in your Success Algebra class. She takes her math quizzes with so much confidence and without assistance and almost always gets all of them correct. It’s sometimes unbelievable to me to see her work math problems and especially word problems. THANK YOU!!


Parent of 8th Grader & 10th Grader

"What a difference your program has made. Finally math is peaceful and productive." 



Parent of 11th Grader

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver your curriculum has been. Math used to take hours, tears, tantrums and never independently. Since nearly day 1 with your curriculum, my daughter has been independent, confident and scoring 95% and retaining all info. In fact, she even says she enjoys math now! That is a lot coming from a child with severe dyscalculia. Thank you!"


10th Grader

"He [Mr. Denison] makes math make sense." 


Parent of 10th Grader

"Since switching my daughter to Denison Algebra we have seen huge changes in her regarding math - especially with confidence and willingness to complete her lessons on her own."


Parent of 10th Grader

"My sophomore just started algebra 1 with you and says she wishes she had this all along! I’m so thankful math is not a struggle this year for both of us. So, thank you for what you do! Your work is truly bringing blessings and PEACE to our entire family."


Parent of 9th Grader

"Our daughter's attitude about math completely changed for the better last year when we began using Denison Algebra, and we are looking forward to another great school year with Denison Geometry this fall!" 


Parent of 9th Grader

"I would like to say thank you for the difference you've made in my child's life! She no longer has tears of hate for math."


Parent of 9th Grader

"Thank you so much for offering these programs. Before your program, my son was stuck and discouraged. It's wonderful to see him feel confidence again."


Parent of 9th Grader

"My son with autism is using [Success Algebra 1] now.  It is THE BEST MATH I have ever used in high school with him. It is the way I have learned to teach him other subjects - he needs patterns to follow, and if he can learn the pattern, he will do just fine."


Parent of 10th Grader

"We are LOVING your course and have told everyone we know! Can't wait to use Algebra II next year, and we are just so sad we didn't know about you for Algebra I. While it still isn't easy for my daughter, she is feeling more capable than ever with math."


Parent of 9th Grader

"You have no idea how much your math program has helped our family!!! Less frustration, more confidence that is spilling into other subjects, and my son is actually choosing to do math first thing in the morning. We're Denison math people for life!!"


Parent of 9th Grader

"My daugher, who has never liked math, now says math is her favorite subject! I love that you've kept the lessons short and concise, not overwhelming the student with too much at once. Job well done - really well done!"


Parent of 9th Grader & 10th Grader

"Your math program is the BEST math program I've ever worked with!!!! I'm so grateful for your program. My daughter is doing awesome and I finally have some peace about math! I will be putting my son in your course as well." 


Parent of 9th Grader

"My math adverse son loves your course. In fact, he woke up this morning asking to do it before we went to his biology class at the homeschool academy. That's a first."


Parent of 9th Grader

"I found Denison Algebra this year... after a tireless search and review of 30+ curricula. It has been a GAME CHANGER for my 9th grade math hater! "


Parent of 9th Grader

"I am so beyond thankful for you and your curriculum. More than anything, just seeing my daughter not feel so defeated when it comes to math is more than I could've hoped for. She is getting it. It's sticking! And she has so much more confidence! Thank you!"


Parent of 9th Grader

"This was our first year of math with no tears."


Parent of 8th Grader

"You have been a game-changer for our household's attitude about math. We will forever be in your debt for digging us out of the "I'm-no-good-at-math" hole and setting us on level ground again."


Parent of 8th Grader & 10th Grader

"You've redeemed math for two of my kids already."

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